Dedication to patients

Increasing access to affordable care

At HCA Healthcare, we work to help ensure the healthcare billing process is clear and supportive for our patients. In partnership with Parallon, HCA Healthcare’s full-service revenue cycle management team, we have developed several programs and resources designed to provide support, including pricing information, financial counseling, patient-friendly billing practices and generous financial assistance programs.

In order to best serve both uninsured and underinsured patients, we apply either a full charity write off or a sliding scale discount on what a patient pays based on federal poverty guidelines (FPG) and household income. In addition, our Uninsured Discount Policy offers patients with no insurance, or limited/exhausted insurance benefits, an average discount of 90% for emergency services.  

Our patient benefit advisors help patients understand and access programs and discounts that may be available to them — which we believe are among the most generous and comprehensive — in order to significantly reduce the financial burden for the patient. These resources are available to any patient who needs assistance, including those applying for Medicaid or other eligible coverage. In accordance with state-by-state regulations, we also made significant improvements to our online patient payment estimator tool and website design, making patient financial information even more accessible for patients.     

Our organization offers interest-free payment arrangements, does not report unpaid balances to credit bureaus, and our U.S. providers do not pursue litigation activity that involves suing patients or filing liens on patients’ bad debt accounts. 

In 2022, HCA Healthcare provided an estimated cost of $3.5B+ for the delivery of charity care, uninsured discounts and other uncompensated care. HCA Healthcare also cares for more Medicaid inpatients than any other health system in the U.S.

HCA doctor listens to a patients heart and breathing
Niuton Koide, MD, Physician, Las Vegas Heart Associates

Being family-oriented has a lot to do with how I work with each patient. I see every single patient as if they were my family member. I would do anything to help and think of ways to assist.

Headshot of Sarai “SJ” Najera, Patient Benefit Advisor

Sarai “SJ” Najera
Patient Benefit Advisor