HCA Healthcare Hope Fund

The HCA Healthcare Hope Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by colleagues, for colleagues. Those who give to the Hope Fund are supporting their fellow colleagues who face financial hardship due to natural disaster, illness or injury, domestic violence, death of a loved one or other unexpected situations. Over $11.4 million in assistance was distributed in 2023 to help more than 3,800 HCA Healthcare colleagues and families.

Denise Morris
Nursing Director, HCA Florida Aventura Hospital

Denise’s story

Denise Morris, a nursing director at HCA Florida Aventura Hospital, is not a stranger to Florida’s severe weather. She was used to the warnings and preparations that accompanied Fort Lauderdale’s hurricane season. However, she and her neighbors had no warning when a historical flashflood occurred, resulting from over two dozen inches of rain in a single day.

Despite the rising water in the streets, Denise didn’t hesitate to return to her home. As the water continued to pour in, she was unsure of how to ensure the safety of her and her dog. With the water outside higher than the wheels of her car and streets flooded for miles around, she didn’t know where to go.

By that night, the floodwater was reaching the top of her bed, and she was evacuated by rescue personnel. One of Denise’s HCA Healthcare colleagues offered her a place to stay while waiting for her home to be repaired and made livable again – a process that took two months.

“The only things that weren’t damaged were mounted to the wall like my TV and cabinets,” Denise said. “All my furniture, drywall, everything had to be taken out.”

Even with insurance, she found the process of sorting out claims challenging and frustrating. Her HR department reminded her about the Hope Fund, and she got assistance to help offset the cost of deductibles, repairs and other expenses.

Despite it all, Denise considers herself lucky. She said material items can be replaced, but the care her colleagues showed for her makes her proud to be a part of HCA Healthcare.

“I am very grateful to my organization and the people I work with. I have a good support system, and I am so glad the Hope Fund is there for our colleagues.” Denise said.

Julien’s story

Julien Bruce is a simulation specialist in Houston, Texas, who helps teach new residents and nurses through unique training scenarios based on real life situations in their field. He lives with a rare genetic disorder that caused him to have a major seizure at just 25 years old.

“I remember driving home and then waking up in the hospital,” he said. “I’m doing a lot better now, but it was very scary for my family.” He was sent to Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, where he was treated for the seizure, but thankfully had no additional injuries.

However, recovery time kept him out of work for a long while and he fell behind on bills. His financial situation grew dire. Thankfully, Julien remembered the Hope Fund and decided to apply for help.

Julien Bruce
Simulation Specialist

He received assistance, and it meant the world to him and his family. Julien said, “I was able to get back on my feet before going back to work. I knew everything was going to be all right.”

He is so grateful for the help. To his HCA Healthcare family, he said: “As long as you have a good family to support you, you can get through the toughest situations.”