HCA Healthcare Foundation

The HCA Healthcare Foundation was established in 1998 to promote health and well-being in the communities we serve. To accomplish this, the foundation provides leadership, service and financial support to effective nonprofit organizations working individually and collectively.

Originally intended to serve Middle Tennessee, the foundation has since expanded its now more than $200 million to support all of HCA Healthcare’s communities. Since 1998, the HCA Healthcare Foundation has contributed over $294 million in grants and matching gifts to more than 500 agencies and organizations, focusing on those that promote health and well-being, education and quality of life.

In 2023, the HCA Healthcare Foundation invested over $12.2 million through grants to 234 agencies and nonprofit organizations through its Middle Tennessee and Healthier Tomorrow Funds.

HCA Healthcare celebrated the 2023 holiday giving season with our Healthy Food for Healthier Tomorrows Food and Nutrition Drive. Colleagues at Highland-Cashiers Hospital created a sculpture using donated food items before transporting them to their local food banks.

In 2023, the HCA Healthcare Foundation awarded over $6.3 million in grants to 201 nonprofit agencies across Middle Tennessee. The fund also partnered with The Frist Foundation to provide $1 million in funding for the assessments and trainings necessary to ensure the safety and security of clients, families and staff at 24 childcare centers and place-based youth-serving organizations in Middle Tennessee.

In 2023, the HCA Healthcare Foundation invested over $5.9 million to nonprofit agencies in more than 15 communities where we have a presence from the Healthier Tomorrow Fund. Established in 2020 as an $80 million community impact fund, this fund aims to address high-priority community needs and advance health equity. Through innovative initiatives, we replicate and scale meaningful, measurable efforts across the enterprise related to improving access to care, access to healthcare careers, positive mental wellness and community need. 

Launched in August 2023, the HCA Healthcare Foundation through its Healthier Tomorrow Fund gave $375,000 to nonprofits across 16 markets as part of its new Health Equity Catalyst Grant Program. These grants are intended to provide operational support to organizations addressing health inequities in a defined focus area to fight food insecurity.

Healthy Food for Healthier Tomorrows is HCA Healthcare’s enterprise-wide annual give back campaign aimed at helping communities address food insecurity by providing nutritious meals to families in communities we serve.

In 2023, HCA Healthcare and our colleagues provided more than 1 million nutritious meals including $170,000 in funds provided by the HCA Healthcare Foundation to support the nonprofits involved.